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...rPraise ofshey...sadials...Metal...

The 7 sKander sundial models made of Aluminum 6067. The advantage of being made of metal is the high resistance to corrosion and they can be installed outdoors.

The size they have allows reading the time with better precision throughout the year.

Each model has iconographies linked to the mathematical and historical concepts that inspired them.

Contact me if you are interested in customizing or adding something to your metallic sundial.
m01 :classic design of a vertical universal sundial. Its latitude and longitude can be graduated.

At some point in cycles, to the rhythm of a footstep, it seems to end with a tune. And so, it endures without touching them.

Sound, just with rhythms. Discreet, to understand. I continue, to forget it. Constant, escape from the moments.


The radius is speculated, where it is calculated, amount saved.


To the edge it circulates, after three ponders, around the rope.

m02 :projection of the circular path of the shadow of the gnomon on a rectangular box.
m03 :casting the shadow of the gnomon onto a curved marker is the easiest way 
intuitive way to appreciate the apparent motion of the Sun from the Earth.
m04 :its geometric shape plays with projections on two planes.

Drop that trickles down a leaf, between living pores it passes. It reaches the limit, it is filled with air. It sets the standard, it leaves a mark.


Soaks the earth between branches, climbs the root like sap. The sun touches and adorns itself, ether of strange lands.


Essence in the shadow, advances in all work, while escaping from winter.


It throbs at full power, even in the umbra, in an eternal heartbeat.

m05 :with a different shape than all the models, the time is marked through a circular gnomon on a flat surface.
m06 :Unlike most mammals, bats wake up at dusk and prepare to go out to find food. Also, they are the only mammals with wings. To fly at night, some species emit an ultrasound that they pick up back like radar. They can migrate, hibernate, pollinate and... be a source of inspiration.
m07 : The Praying Mantis is an animal from the world of insects, it has multiple eyes that allow it to have a view of more than 180 degrees, it has only one ear and can live up to a year. This sundial model is inspired by the geometric shape of the mantis and its ability to adapt throughout the seasons.
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